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10 Rules For Washing Your Hair

In haircare, proper head washing is important. Using shampoo, balm, masks, towels, hairdryers – important nuances that can either significantly improve the look of your hair.

If you do everything right, you can easily make your hair less greasy, less problematic, but more lively and silky.

1. Brush your hair before washing

Thus, you will save time and will not once again damage the curls, because during washing they will not be confused and you do not have to injure wet hair.

2. Apply the shampoo evenly to the root area 

Apply the product should not on the entire length of hair, but only on the roots. The shampoo makes the tips even drier. When you apply shampoo to the roots of the hair, and then wash the product, the entire length of the hair is cleaned, but it is not dried.

3. Give the shampoo time 

Leave the shampoo for a couple of minutes on the scalp. At this time, give a head massage. This will not only improve the circulation of hair bulbs but will also give time for shampoo to act.

4. Get your head down twice

At least once try and you will understand how effective it is. When you wash your head for the first time, all the dirt from your head rises, but not all go away. But when you use shampoo a second time, the scalp is completely cleansed. Hair will not be contaminated for a longer period.

5. Before using a balm, conditioner, or mask, lightly wet your hair with a towel

Hair should be moist, but not too wet. This way the product will be able to penetrate the hair faster and better.

6. Do not apply a balm or mask to the entire length of the hair

If you apply balm (mask) on the root area, do not expect a lush volume. It is also not suitable for owners of oily hair. Apply the balm (mask) from the middle length and on the tips.

7. Don’t wash your hair under hot water

Cool water will save you from excessive fatness of the scalp and make the curls shiny. Hot water helps to activate the sebaceous glands, so the hair will fatten faster. Besides, hot water dissipates the scales of the hair, as a result, the hair will look sloppy, without smoothness and shine. You can wash your head with warm water, and at the end rinse cool.

8. Be careful with the towel

It is enough to get the hair slightly wet along the entire length. Don’t rub too much wet hair with a towel. Wet hair is easy to damage, and damaged hair will never look beautiful.

9. Don’t leave a towel on your head for long

Many people like to wrap their head with a towel and walk for so long. If you leave a towel on your hair for a long time, the sebaceous glands will start to intensify and the hair will become dirty faster.

10. Treat your hair carefully

Never brush your wet hair. Try to use the hairdryer only in extreme cases, allow the hair to dry on its own. If you use a hairdryer, turn it on on a cold mode. It works the same principle as with hot/cold water.

Source: 10 правил мытья волос (nyamkin.ru)