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10 Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

A woman’s life is full of worries, and often we don’t have time to take care of ourselves. This is compounded by female gender socialization, which encourages us to ignore pain and fatigue. But clean floors are not worth our health! We have collected ten symptoms that may indicate severe problems in the body. Please see your doctor if you are concerned about one or more signs.

10- Swelling or changing breast color

Many women have swells of breasts before menstruation or pregnancy; most often, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the breast swells, regardless of the cycle phase, do not delay a visit to the doctor if there are local swellings. Inflammatory breast cancer may be identified by swelling or a shift of color (the presence of purple or red spots).

This disease belongs to a relatively rare but rapidly progressing type of breast cancer. Similar symptoms may be in infectious diseases of the breast. Sign up for a mammologist if you notice any changes in the color or shape of the breast, in the skin’s texture.

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