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19 Uses of Banana Peels You Probably Ignored

Are you interested in unusual ways of using banana waste? They may surprise you!

1. To whiten the teeth 

It is enough to rub them with the inside of the peel. The procedure takes a few minutes.

2. The enzymes contained in bananas perfectly nourish the skin. 

No need to make any mixture, just spread the peel on the face, wait a while and wash. The skin contains a large amount of potassium, iron, magnesium and B vitamins, vitamins A and C, therefore, counteracts skin aging.

From the grated peel of banana, cucumber and mango you can make moisturizing nutritious gruel. It should be applied to dry areas of the skin.

3. To reduce the irritation and itchy skin after mosquito bites. 

it is enough to rub the skin damaged places.

4. With banana skins you can get rid of unwanted warts.

 Just apply the peel to the inside and tie the bandage. Such a bandage should be changed daily. The same should be done in the case of stenosis. Enzymes contained in the peel penetrate the skin and cause the splinter to move towards the mouth of the damaged epidermis.

5. The banana Skin is an excellent source of zinc that helps fight acne.

 Rubbing the face with the pulp of the peel just before going to bed will reduce painful symptoms. The result will be noticeable after a week of application.

6. The skin attached to the fresh bruise will contribute to its faster disappearance.

7. When mixing the peel with a little water, you get a nourishing hair mask, which should be kept on the hair for 30 minutes. You can put the pieces of peel in a bottle of shampoo. Thanks to the resulting means, gray and thin hair will gain shine and volume at the roots, will become more elastic.

8. Banana peel is an abundant source of esterified fatty acids that help treat problems such as eczema and psoriasis. The skin applied to the affected areas of the skin will moisturize them and reduce itching.

9. Thanks to fruit wax, it is possible to restore leather products. Faded gloves, shoes or jackets will be shiny if you rub them with a banana skin.

10. Just as with leather products, the banana peel is great for polishing wooden furniture. Peel the furniture, wipe it with a soft cloth and forget about the chemicals.

11. Silver cutlery can also be polished with a peel.

12. The shredded peel buried under the bushes, such as roses, at a depth of a few centimeters, will scare off the aphid. The skin can be harvested in the off-season – dried, and in the season – soaked in water.

13. Since banana peel is full of minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, nitrogen and calcium), fertilizer made from it will stimulate plant growth and flowering. You can add it to the compost, or you can just bury it in the ground, in the places where planting is planned.

14. Skin attracts insects – and desirable – butterflies, and unwanted flies. Fruit flies are such an attack, which is difficult to get rid of, and the problem ignored increases many times. Instead of buying a remedy for flies, it is worth trying a home way to get rid of them. Put the sliced banana peel in the bag, put it in a prominent place, tying the hole. Pierce in several places with a fork. The smell of decomposing peel will attract flies inside the package, from which they will not be able.

Yes, indeed, not only flies fly on the peel. Butterfly lovers can take advantage of this method of attracting insects in the garden, of course, without using the package.

15. Banana peel placed in the feeder will be a nutritious food for birds.

16. Rubbing the banana-skinned leaves of houseplants will make them shiny and clean.

17. Banana peel is rich in potassium, which has a positive effect on plants – strengthens them so that they grow and bloom faster. From the peel, it is necessary to make a restorative conditioner for watering flowers. Put the peel in a container, fill it with water and wait a week. After this period, the air conditioner will be ready for use.

18. The banana peel, which has been passed through the meat grinder, can be used to purify the water from heavy metals.

19. Due to the content of ethylene peel, the maturation of other fruits and vegetables is accelerated. If you bought too hard avocado or mango, cover it with a banana peel. After 24 hours the fruit will be usable.

Source : 19 интересных способов применения банановой кожуры (prolife.ru.com)