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5 Minutes Exercises to Make Your Belly Melt Like a Candle

Despite the fact that women all over the world have been trying for decades to lose belly fat, it remains one of the most difficult challenges when it comes to getting in shape. Even if you’ve already gathered your wits and found the ideal training regimen, chocolate becomes addictive, or your best friend gives you a cupcake for no apparent reason.

We devised a few exercises that don’t necessitate any special equipment or years of practice. And each one only takes about 5 minutes to complete!

Flutter kicks

How to do it:

Begin by lying down on a mat. Extend your legs in front of you, keeping them together.
Tighten your abs, raise your feet off the ground, and begin squatting your legs.
15 times, pause, then repeat 15 times more.


You can use flutter kicks to:

  • calorie expenditure
  • you’ll get a fantastic aerobic workout
  • to increase your stamina
  • get rid of belly fat
  • make your heart stronger
  • 5 minutes are needed.

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