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Causes and symptoms of insomnia. How to Regain Control of Your Sleep

Insomnia or, in other words, insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by small sleep duration, heavy sleep, early rise, and a chronic feeling of lack of sleep in the morning. It must be said that insomnia occurs due to downed sleep (as a process) and has little to do with sleep time.

What is insomnia, what are its symptoms?

When people hear about insomnia, they think that this disease gives a complete lack of sleep. That’s not exactly the right statement. If we take an international classification of diseases, we find out that sleep disturbance is inherently a kind of deficiency and quantity or quality of sleep. So, in insomnia there is sleep, but there is a failure of its correct cycle. There may be a disturbance of a certain phase of sleep, and depending on the phase of the person, there is a certain type of insomnia.

How do I know that you or a loved one is having insomnia? It can be recognized by its characteristic symptoms.

Slow falling asleep.

The first phase of sleep is falling asleep. Man, going to sleep, presents a variety of images. In a mixed and broken order, he represents the events of the past day. People have a different time to fall asleep: someone falls asleep quickly after a minute, and someone needs up to 40 minutes. If the falling phase occurs more than one hour, it is likely similar to insomnia.

You wake up and can’t sleep for a long time

When a person wakes up several times during the night and then falls asleep very hard. Now it’s a hectic dream. In normal conditions, the so-called superficial sleep changes to deep. There is a rest of the body and the body is gaining strength for a new day. If you wake up many times a night, then you have a superficial phase of sleep (sleep is more sensitive than usual). After such a night, the nervous system of the person does not have time to recover, he feels anxiety and irritation, and sometimes there is a decline in forces.

Sleep problems more than twice a week 

A large number of sleepless nights is another signal of illness. If for one or more months you do not have external or internal stimuli, but at the same time disturbed sleep, it is an excuse to see a doctor.


If after a normal sleep time of 6-8 hours (for each person its time interval), you feel aggressive and do not adequately respond to others, then this is a sure symptom of insomnia. If you hear from others that lately are unnecessarily hot-tempered, and the real reason is not, it is worth thinking about whether you get enough sleep.

Causes of insomnia

Causes of sleep disorders are internal and external. We’d like to talk about the main ones, so you know what to look for.

Emotional overexertion

It is a key cause of sleep disorders. If you are exposed to anxiety, stress, emotional overload, active mental activity, or unfounded anxiety for a long period of time (more than one month), then it is very likely that sleep problems will appear and the correct sequence of phases will come down.

Uncomfortable sleeping conditions

Very often people are surrounded by loud sounds, bright light from the lantern, noise of the road or neighbors, uncomfortable temperature in the room, etc. All these factors knock down the normal rhythm for sleep. We understand that there are no ideal conditions for sleep, but such irritation greatly reduces the quality and time of your sleep, and therefore can lead to insomnia.

Disturbance of natural rhythms 

People who often work the night shift or until late, or change time zones: for example, often fly on business trips or move to break down their natural rhythm for the rest of the body. Of course, one-off events will not harm you, but systematic changes over a long period will damage health, and insomnia will be a consequent consequence.

Mental disorders

Depression, anxiety, neuroses, schizophrenia, obsessive states. Over-stretched psyche just does not have time to relax, which aggravates the state and closes the vicious circle.

Substance abuse 

When a person takes sleeping pills, harmful substances (alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks, light and heavy drugs, tranquilizers) it has a miraculous effect on the general condition of the body and leads to insomnia, and insomnia is the most innocuous consequence. Moreover, the disease can occur in a chronic form. If you are prone to insomnia due to the abuse of harmful drugs, immediately consult your doctor for appropriate therapy.

Causes of insomnia for women

Separately, we want to consider the causes of insomnia in the female body.

When sleep is disturbed in the female body, circadian rhythms change, which leads to the appearance of insomnia.

Pregnancy entails a change in the hormonal background, as a result of this may appear a problem with sleep.

Different age-related changes and specific age-related diseases also lead to a change in the hormonal background, which negatively affects the phases of sleep, besides, similar problems may occur with the misuse of hormonal drugs.

Causes of insomnia for adults

In addition, it is possible to distinguish separate causes of insomnia in adults, able-bodied people. This group is prone to insomnia due to their rhythm of life:

  • Sleep disturbance several times a week for a whole month.
  • Problems with falling asleep at certain times.
  • Frequent awakenings at night and bad night sleep.
  • Broken and lack of vivacity during the day.

What to do with insomnia?

We want, based on our experience, to give some advice applying that you will be able to carry out the prevention of the body.


Light massage is a great and effective way to fight insomnia. The organization relaxes, stimulates the production of endorphins, and as a result, stress is blocked. This does not eliminate the cause, but helps you fall asleep normally.

Walking before bed 

Fresh air and oxygen in the blood help to fall asleep normally. With this method, you will be able to relax the body, slightly raise the body temperature naturally, relax, get a small portion of pleasant fatigue and go to sleep.

You can try these methods temporarily.

But for normal and high-quality therapy the most way is to consult a specialist.

How to identify insomnia?

If you are seeing a person or a loved one, the symptoms are similar to those we described, it is likely insomnia. But don’t panic and despair. Modern medicine knows the methods of combating insomnia.

How to deal with insomnia?

The fight against insomnia comes with several methods. We will highlight a few effective ways:

Drugs for insomnia. 

Prevention of insomnia can be carried out with the help of drugs (it can be, like sleeping pills, and certain tranquilizers). It all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and his medical history. Before taking a certain group of medicines, be sure to consult with your doctor, or choose a suitable specialist. In any case, do not try to pick up the drugs yourself!

Psychological methods. 

If a sleep disorder is caused by psychological factors (stress, anxiety, etc.), psychological treatments for insomnia are used. The attending physician, based on the individual characteristics of the patient prescribes and conducts, suitable therapy.

Treatment of insomnia

The most important part of therapy, without it a full recovery is almost impossible. Different methods are used, but cognitive and figurative therapy has proved to be the most well-established.

Cognitive therapy 

This technique improves the perception of sleep, reduces negative experiences and factors that are caused by insomnia. During treatment, the psychiatrist tells the patient the fallacy of his judgments about the quality of sleep, as well as the negative consequences of prolonged insomnia, which may appear.

During therapy, the doctor says that the disease reverses and rehabilitation returns to the patient’s health.

There is an explanation about the dangers of daytime sleep or rest. The doctor ensures that the patient takes seriously and intelligently the mode of sleep, wake-up, and wakefulness. The day should be built according to a certain plan, as well as sleep. This is a washed-away treatment.

Image therapy

The patient is taught to focus on the positive and neutral moments of life. Many in the process of therapy get an opportunity to look philosophically at the world and experience positive emotions.

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