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Lose Weight Without A Diet – How You Can Do It!

Small changes instead of a big diet: This is how Bernd Stelter lost 25 kilos

Radical changes in diet, diligent counting of calories or extremely complicated rules with hours of workout – who wants something like that? Comedian Bernd Stelter proves that you can lose weight without stress. The 59-year-old lost 25 kilos in the past Corona year – and that without any diet! Our expert, Dr. med Christoph Specht, tells us how to keep fit in everyday life without dieting.

Bernd Stelter runs his 10.00 steps every day

Bernd Stelter has turned his everyday life upside down and made many changes, especially in terms of movement. With this he has great success. “I feel much better physically,” says Bernd happily, who now weighs only 107 kilos instead of 130 – at 1.85 meters tall.

His ultimate recipe for success for shedding pounds: A long walk – preferably every day! Every day he takes his 10,000 steps. “For example, I go to the golf course, because this project can be implemented wonderfully. Or I go for a walk on the Rhine – the main thing is exercise.” In the video, the TV star reveals how he keeps his weight. It’s not that complicated at all!

“The main thing is movement”: health tip from Dr. med Christoph Specht

“The main thing is exercise”, that is also the best tip from our health expert Dr. Christoph Specht. “My personal health recipe is very simple, and because it is so simple, it is so easy to carry out. It doesn’t look like exercise at all, it is just exercise – exercise integrated into everyday life.”

And that really without a gym! “As an example: You basically only go upstairs on foot to the third floor. If you then go higher, you can take the elevator. And you don’t take the escalator – you just take the stairs next to it a little further away, then take this stairwell. All of these are ways to keep yourself flexible and fit – without breaking a sweat, “says the doctor.

If there are no steps, then try it like this: “Another good tip would be to just crouch down when there is a piece of paper on the floor. And if there is nothing there, then bend down anyway – just keep moving! “

Doing silly faxes, standing on one leg – just don’t stand still or sit too much – that is the “key to mobility – also for old age”, says the expert.