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More and More Eczema: Disinfecting Or Washing your Hands?

Too much soap makes your hands sick

Do you know that too? Many people complain of dry, cracked, and even inflamed skin – especially on the hands. Because of Corona, we wash them all the time. And that has consequences for the skin: too much soap makes it sick. Dermatologists are now pointing this out.

Dear disinfectant

Constant handwashing with soap in the corona pandemic has led to more hand eczema. The German Dermatological Society points this out and recommends using disinfectants. “The recommended intensified hand hygiene measures involve a not inconsiderable health risk for the development of hand eczema,” said the company’s spokesman, Peter Elsner from the Jena University Hospital of the German Press Agency.

Particularly at risk in the medical sector

Feedback from dermatologist practices and clinics showed that the number of patients with such complaints has been increasing for a year, said Elsner. People in the medical sector are particularly at risk: In a survey of over 100 employees at the Munich University Hospital, 90 percent complained about the symptoms of hand eczema such as dryness, redness, itching, burning, flaking, or cracks.

Soaps loosen the fats from the skin

“Of course, the AHA rules apply in the pandemic,” stressed Elsner, “but disinfecting is better than lathering it for healthy skin”. Soap loosens the fats from the skin and the body’s natural barrier is destroyed.

The recommendations of the Federal Center for Health Education on the subject of infection protection read differently: “Many infectious diseases are transmitted through the hands,” it says on the information pages. “Handwashing is a simple and effective measure that can protect against infection.” This is particularly important in times of waves of illness.

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