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Pale Skin? These 3 Tricks Bring the Glow!

Fresh into spring

It was not for nothing that people spoke of elegant paleness in the epochs of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. The ladies set great store by skin that was as light as possible, even pale. In spring, however, many women prefer to stand out with a great glow. We’ll show you how to do it.

Trick 1: gentle facial massage

Pale people often appear tired, dull, and exhausted. In order to get some color, one should stimulate blood circulation. This works best with a light brush massage. If you gently massage your cheeks after getting up, you will conjure up a fresh red color on your face. The complexion can be supported with a caffeine-containing daycare * because caffeine promotes blood circulation.

Trick 2: exfoliate

Exfoliators are the skin’s best friends. They cleanse them of all kinds of dust, sebum, and dead skin cells that not only clog the pores but also quickly make the skin look pale. But be careful: not every peeling is suitable for every skin. In any case, healing earth and clay masks help detoxify the skin. Ingredients such as vitamin C, arbutin, or niacinamide ensure a radiant complexion, aloe vera, and hyaluronic masks * for more moisture.

Trick 3: Subtle makeup

If all else fails, subtle make-up that matches the skin tone and makes pale skin look a little livelier help. Since foundation and powder quickly become apparent on pale skin, it is important to be economical here. A real no-go is a bronzer, as it is way too dark. Beautiful accents can be set with targeted contouring. Since light colors reflect light better than dark ones, it is best to choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than the skin tone. Apply to the cheek and chin, add a little powder, and a radiant, beautiful porcelain complexion is conjured up. volume_up