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That Is Why Pregnant Women Should Definitely Do Sports

Exercise during pregnancy: good for mom and baby

For a long time, it was said that a woman should take it easy during pregnancy. But the view is out of date. Nowadays we know about the beneficial effects that sport has on pregnant women, the child, and the course of labor. However, not all exercises and every workout are equally good – and some sports are no-gos. But if there is nothing wrong with your health – regular consultation with your doctor is crucial here – nothing stands in the way of moderate exercise.

4 reasons why exercise is worthwhile during pregnancy

1.Prevent gestational diabetes and poisoning

Pregnancy is always associated with risks. Some of these can be reduced through exercise, explains Heidelberg gynecologist and sports medicine specialist Susanne Weber. For example, excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia, better known as pregnancy poisoning, can be prevented.

2.Lower the risk of thrombosis

The risk of thrombosis can also be reduced through exercise, and aqua jogging, aqua aerobics, or moderate swimming help in particular to prevent hormone-related water retention. In addition, the cardiovascular system gets going through the activities, the muscles are well supplied with blood, and bones and joints remain mobile.