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Turn your Own Four Walls into a Small Gym

With these basics you can train effectively at home

You don’t have to go to the gym to get physically fit. Practicing sports effectively within your own four walls works just as well. With a little preparation and the right equipment, you can simply bring the gym into your home. Here you can find out what you need for your gym in the living room and what you should consider when working out at home.

Tips for an effective workout in the home

  • Make space: You need at least 2 x 1.5 meters of space for fitness exercises – of course, that varies from workout to workout. If your living room does not have this space, a unit in the hallway or basement is worth considering.
  • Less is more: beginners often tend to overdo the number of sports equipment. You don’t have to spend that much money to get in or keep in shape. A few devices are enough to get you started.
  • Exercise caution: Correct execution and posture during exercises, especially with weights, is the be-all and end-all! Stretching after exercise is just as important. To avoid injury, read the instructions in fitness books or fitness DVDs beforehand.
  • This is how it works with motivation: Create a training plan and set fixed dates that you write in your calendar. Three to four exercise units per week are recommended (30 to 45 minutes each is sufficient). A fitness tracker can help you stay motivated by keeping a better eye on your progress.

Cardio machine for warm up and endurance training

To prevent injuries, you should also do a proper warm-up when you work out at home. The warm-up training increases the body temperature, stimulates blood circulation, and prepares your body for muscle exercises. In addition, your endurance is trained. Cardio equipment such as cross trainers, elliptical trainers, or indoor bikes are suitable for this. Cycling is a particularly effective exercise, gets the pulse going, and can be easily implemented in your own four walls with an exercise bike.

Of course, you have to have enough space in your own four walls for such a fitness machine. But there are numerous alternatives for an effective warm-up and endurance training at home. For example, you can simply grab the well-known skipping rope. According to experts, 10 minutes of jumping rope is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging.

Dumbbells for strength training in the home gym

A dumbbell set should be available in every home gym. In contrast to a bulky multi-gym, dumbbells are easy to store and extremely versatile. Both for a varied full-body workout and for rapid muscle building. Arms, back, and abs can benefit from a good dumbbell exercise, as can your buttocks and legs. For the workout, it is best to use a set that you can individually adapt to your maximum weight and increase if necessary. Beginners in particular should pay attention to safe and appropriate training.

Fitness bands for full body training at home

Also true all-rounders for home workouts are elastic fitness bands such as therapy or resistance bands. The bands are a great choice for both warming up and subsequent muscle training because they are suitable for a variety of exercises. From rowing to biceps training, anything is possible with these bands. Further advantages: They can be stowed away easily and are relatively inexpensive.

Must-have for fitness at home: versatile sports mat

There are numerous home workouts that don’t require anything more than a fitness mat. Whether for sweaty fitness workouts, calm yoga, or floor exercises with your own bodyweight: a cushioning sports mat is indispensable. It protects the floor from damage and sweat and gives you more support during the various exercises.