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What Happens If You Put Chopped Onions in your Socks at Night

A great way to activate meridians and cleanse the internal organs without resorting to diets – put at night in socks chopped onion (or garlic). Onions and garlic are known for their bactericidal action, but also, when you come into close contact with the skin, the phosphoric acid released by the onion penetrates the bloodstream and cleanses it of viruses and bacteria waiting to infect you.

In general, the recipe is quite simple.

Step 1: Slice the onion rings

Organic onions are preferable because it does not contain pesticides or other chemical compounds that have no place in the blood.

Step 2: Put the chopped onion in a tight sock so that the foot is as if immersed in onion rings, and go to bed.

While you sleep, the onion will work, its healing juice will be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, killing bacteria and germs, and removing toxins back. At the same time, room air will also fall under the bactericidal action of onions.

The effect of cleaning the air from bacteria will also benefit you. For example, in England during epidemics, people laid out sliced onions in rooms to protect themselves from the effects of the disease.

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