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You will NOT Smoke Again After Following These 5 Steps

So, you’ve decided to quit smoking, which is great! This is something that can improve your health and prolong your life. Stopping smoking is not easy, but it is possible. Remember that nicotine is a chemical that causes a strong dependence, and your body needs to get used to it. So be patient. And we’ll tell you what to do if you do decide.

Every year, tobacco smoking causes the premature death of millions of people.

Step 1. Find the cause

Motivation is very important. Nothing will make you quit if you don’t want to. Find a personal reason. Why do you want to stop smoking? Do you want to protect others from the effects of secondhand smoke? Or reduce their risks of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease? Maybe you want to put your teeth in order. Or look younger? Choose a reason to your liking that is strong enough to outweigh your desire to smoke. And remember: you quit smoking exclusively for yourself!

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